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it's like a whisper that warns you.
like a smell that later charms you.
guild of saviors of humanity scorns you,
when they see you adore the charm of the other god,
when you get lost in what's called intoxication.
told are the tales of love and fornication
discussed are the stakes of joy and emancipation
it shows a word of caution before
it makes you go wild
and talk of forts and castles
that shrunk with the flight of sparrow
you yield and take care
to return the thought that you borrow
it allows you some relief
after the day ends
and starts to scream
it's the intoxication of love that warms you
you count your breaths
and feel accomplished
it's nothing new when you
talk of varied souls and feel blemished
bragging in the midst of commoners
you aim to be on the list of front runners
you tread miles to raise a smile.
long before you sleep,
long before you turn senile.
wait for some brethren to call you.
wait for some forlorn to join you.
and cast a spell on you but do not harm you
wait for the time till the tale's told
for the day
you keep your thoughts in your arm pit
and walk back home with nothing else that keeps you
and it's all before the casket adorns you.
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your posts are full of feelings put into it....amazing
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Wow now that's a compliment.. thank you so much :)

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