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The soft breeze reminds me of times we spent together.

The time, when nothing else mattered.

When seeing you smile was the happiest moment of my day!

And being the reason for it, would make something inside me alive!
The small stolen kisses were written in our fate

The innocent touches, The silent whispers

Never thought the the magic would fade away!

Although, We both were right in our own way!
The things that seemed cute, now appear annoying

The emotional care now seems interfering

Because no matter how much we try, we need to be us

None wants to fake oneself, none wants a fuss!
Yes the magic may fade, but the memories are fresh!

Feels like yesterday we first met and just knew something connected us

So if there is passion, love and trust…

Is parting away from the best thing that happened to me, a must?
Maybe no…
Let’s give our love another chance to grow

Let’s take it from the top

Take each and every step slow

Let’s let the ocean of affection fill drop by drop
Yes it’s us, you and me!

Who couldn’t stay away! Who wouldn’t give up.

We can do it again baby,

Let’s be the child we are and forget we are grownup.

Our madness, our love

Our trust, all above!
Then why are we lost?

In the cycle of life…

We will be back together

It may just need some time…
So, please hold my hand,

Hereby, I stand,

As our fingers entwine

I see a new sun shine

To again make me yours,

And forever make you mine!
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loved it....

Welcome to YoAlfaaz :)
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nyc one......
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Very nice ji

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