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On the rays of light

Taking small steps

Steep rays but slowly moving ahead

I walked on the way to moon

In few steps I could see

Foot marks of angels and fairies

And I followed them; those traces

They led me to the new skies

The clouds were low there

The light was pleasant; no hue, no cries

And pleasant was the fragrances

World of bright memories and good remembrances

And with each step more on the way

Thoughts were melting; no word to say

Just a world of peace and serenity

A golden sky of bliss and divinity

And with no more thought in mind

No more wish to ask for; being aplomb

I walked ahead on the path of light

To the moon; silent and calm
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beautiful poem dear....
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Thanks priya :)
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nycly written
....:) :)
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Thank you :)

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