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A man with his little girl;
Went for a walk.
She grasped his hand tight,
He looked into her eyes.
Seeing the doubts he said,
"Ask,whatever you have."

Father, what if I'm afraid of the path?
"Don't be afraid of the paths,
They are made to be crossed.
Still, if you are afraid of paths,
I'll hold your hand and make you walk."

Father, what if I'm alone?
"You will never be alone,
Beautiful spirits will always be with you.
Blessings of loved ones will;
Always accompany you."

Father, what if I'm unable to make right choice?
"Don't be petrified by your mistakes,
Learn lessons from them.
As you won't find them in any book,
They will endow you for life race "

He saw the glimpse of smile,
Broadening on her face.
She got her answers,
He assured himself.
He had a pillar,
To support himself.
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beautiful piece....Father-Daughter's first hero :D :D
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Lovely poem.........fathers are always there for us to support us :)
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This post is just my instant favourite.
Amazing usage of words! Loved it.
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Torched..... Deeply.....
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Thank you so much! Thanks for reading :)

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