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Beautiful little lady existing before, after, during my time.

I was here before you while you were in the galaxy.

Circling round the cosmos upon angel's wings.

With hair made of stardust and a body of ether.

All of the suns radiate less beauty than you.

A single planet is equal to one of your kisses.

Mother Nature is you and she is universal.

From an old dead world called Earth to everywhere.

Beauty is what made you and what you made.

Unending circle whizzing round forever and beyond.

Your pretty precious perfect body became pure energy.

Beauty adding to beauty and becoming energetical exquisiteness.

A billion intergalactical races sing of your name and being.

Bombast and phantasmagoria rule absolute.

As we all spin to infinity and beyond the black hole.

To become what and journey where?

Here, there and everywhere, in dimensionless space.

Intelligence beyond belief linked to the laws of creation.

Falling through the gaps between galaxies and the universe.

Each thought and invisible action coming all at once.

Measured in immeasurable  moments which last forever.

Linking existence together in a collage of infinity.

Something only understood by Mother Nature or God.

And known to the hive mind of energy that consists of nothing.

Giving nothing a consciousness that remembers the Big Bang.

While the second bang awaits its turn to implode reality.

Replacing it with yet another reality in the cycle of the void.

So it continues and the sky wheel turns on its interminable path.

Remembering a girl who was nature and her man.

They and their kind never existed.

The thought of a dream that died.

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Ah! something different by you....loved it Nick

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