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Pyar mai deewana na ho zalim... 
Pyar mai parwana na ho zalim... 
Pyar mai jo fasa wo bana ullu... 
Or jo na fasa use mila Baba Ji ka Thullu... 

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very nice :)
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Thabks @Priya Batra
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Thank you @Sheela Joby... :)

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Pyar nh usse mujhe, bs parwah khud se jayada h.
Pyar nh usse mujhe, pr uski har bat pe viswas ho jata h.
Pyar nh usse mujhe, pr pariwar walo sa h vo mere liye.
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very nice bro...
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What a reply .... Superb..
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Thanks gurjyot bhai  and sheela joby
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nice very well said bro...

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