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The magic chair

You say I cheat, maybe that’s true,
If you on this chair sit, you’d too,
You’ll cheat without further ado,
And find it hard to say adieu!

It gave me worth, my self-esteem!
And all those things of which I dream,
It showed heaven to me – I beam;
No need to die or swim upstream!

To gold, the seat, it has me tied,
I free myself, I will be tried,
I'll lose my wealth, I'll have no hide,
My friends will leave, I will be fried!

With time its glow seems but to grow,
Even after a score and more,
It says you stay put on the floor,
And thus makes me not leave the show.

Wise men say age will make you see,
That life’s pleasures aren’t worth a flea,
Do not seek them when you’re eighty,
Prepare for death, do deeds weighty!

But that great seat, tempts me, tells me,
A century you’ll live to be!
You are healthy, wise and wealthy,
The chair, pursue with steps stealthy!
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gud one......
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very well composed... nicely done...
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well crafted....I love each of your shared pieces....wonderful
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Thanks Amit, Gurjyot, Priya.

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