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Me now not us

I've become one

But all I belong to is us

How can one that was two

Carry on alone

When sharing was our life

My wonderful man has left me Alone

Just one again

With the Us home

Life left you my love

Or did you leave life

All I know now my love

Is I'm still your wife

All your little ways

I miss so much

The part of being one

And not us

Pained and restless mind

No us to unwind

But to me your still here

In my heart your love

Is ohh so dear

And all this I have now

Was yours and mine

And still is some how...
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very nice...
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nice one......
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well written .
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Thank you so much I appreciate your comments and that you have taken time to read my posts.. Thank you..
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well-crafted and well-written lines :)

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