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I was eaten the day my friend was eaten!

Once three cows, a white, a black cow and a reddish one, lived together in a meadow. They used to graze the green pastures together and were kind to each other and happy. One day a hungry lion passed through the meadow and caught sight of the cows. However, as the cows always remain together knowing that this would deter predators and ensure their safety. The lion thought for a while and realised that the situation calls for diplomacy rather than brute force.

The lion approached the cows, and greeted them: “How are you my friends? I hope you are doing fine. I have good news. The jungle animals have decided that peace and friendship should reign here. Furthermore, I am here to help you develop your grazing land and to make it greener!”

The gullible reddish-brown cow was happy and pleased. “That’s great Sir, and thank you,” it said. The white and the black cows were not so sure and feared deceit. They advised their friend not to believe in what the lion says but it did not heed. The reddish brown cow became friendlier with the lion as the days went by.

One day the lion said to its reddish-brown cow friend: “You see that we have much in common; we are almost the same colour and size. And your black friend too is not that different from us. But the white one seems a little bit odd because, as you know, white is the opposite of black, and they do not blend in. Why don’t we get rid of the white – I can easily eat it without hurting it – and there will be not much difference among us – we will almost be the same! The foolish reddish cow agreed. Now the reddish cow took the black one aside, and left the white cow alone. The lion in no time made a good meal out of the white one.

After a few days, the lion said to the reddish cow: “You are reddish and I am golden – aren’t we the same and beautiful? But black is dark and ugly. I have decided to get rid of the black one so that the field will be ours only.” The reddish cow happily obliged thinking that being lion-like in colour it would be the king of the meadow and its sole owner!  It moved away from the black cow which the lion quickly devoured.

After a few days passed the lion roared. “Where are you, the reddish cow?” The reddish cow, shaking with fear, came and said: “I am here, Sir!” The lion said: “It’s your turn now. I need some breakfast. So get ready!” The reddish cow timidly asked: “Why sir, am I not your friend. Didn’t I do what I was told?” “Yes, the lion”, replied. But in the jungle law, where might is right, the weak is there to serve the strong! Once the weaklings have served their purpose, they are of no use!” The cow had just one request. “Please, allow me to make three shouts, Sir!” “Be quick”, the lion said. The reddish cow cried out as loud as it could: “I was eaten the day the white cow was eaten. I was eaten the day the black cow was eaten. I was eaten the very day I made friends with you.” No sooner had it finished, the lion devoured the cow and went hunting for another prey.

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well written Sir....I love the way you create stories....wonderful
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Lost words of appreciation, its so good.
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Thanks again, Priya, Sheela!

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