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In me, it is you
Only you in my eyes
Dwell a dream…
And I am feeling you deep within, 
From you I am everything.

My every breath counts after you
And I cannot live without you
It is you not only confine to my heart
It is you spread to my all part.

Oh! You are in me
In my eyes only a dream
From you I am every thing 
So deep, you are within.

In my heart you are hooked
Long your way I have looked
Don’t you go unceremoniously! 
For, I have been long living for you
For, I have been long dying for you.

I am on the way, in a long journey
And it ends at your- yes
Else, I shall be exhausted and tired
Of this, loneliness journey so weird. 
Until you do not say-, you are mine
Gloominess does tightly entwine.

Oh! You, do not break my heart, 
Oh! You do not break my dreams, 
When you could not be mine
It is pouring down rain
From the pot of ocean
Uncontrolled emotions

Oh! You cannot be of others
But, only of mine, 
Only mine! 
It is written everywhere
On moon, on stars
It is written, you are of none
Baby only you are of mine.

Oh! You are in me
In my eyes only a dream
From you I am every thing 
So deep, you are within. 

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good one.......
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A well written poem.
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Filled with love and written so well:)
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Thanks a ton Ravi vashisht, Sheela joby and  Jacqueline lobl
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beautiful lovey-dovey lines ^_^
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pretty love in someones heart... :)

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