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What are you Oh Woman,
A flesh over bones.
How were you made,
All called you weak inside.
But still you hold your strength,
When man gives up.
You stand as iron strong,
Anchoring deep,the relations all along.

Take back your throne,oh goddess!
The gods have created shell in your absence.
Forgetting that you have been meditating,
For an eternity now.
Wake up, oh love giving dawn,
The darkness has prevailed now for long.
Take up your sword and show your power,
The world is asleep,in a blissful shower.

Bickered to the heap,
Is your favourite clan.
She, beaten up and caged,
Put behind the bars.
Oh heaven in your feet,
Oh goddess of life.
Your might is questioned,
Day and night.

Where's the power,you gave to your clan?
They have forgotten the hidden lamp.
Lighted, ignited and now close to be put out,
The flame shivers in the darkness all-around.
Oh the beauty that always rises,
Now is the time,you again must arise,
From your slumber deep.
Ignite your third eye,
The fire must burn the guilty,
And save the deprived.

No....oh goddess!
Don't come to save your clan.
Give them strength to stand themselves,
For their goodness and the right.
Slavery had made them lose their mind,
Only beauty to the eyes,
And lust have survived.
The decency and respect are not left anymore,
Left is only a race to taste every body's soul.
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wow....what an amazing piece....apt use of words...very well written :)

Welcome to YoAlfaaz :)
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Very powerful work, very well written and conveyed
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