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Wake up now,
Sake up now
Step your step,get up now,
Sake up now,step up now,
why are you feeling weak,why are feeling sick
Why you weep,you are ocean which too deep
Tide now,make yourself wide now..

Wake up now

Come out now,sum up now,
rule you not made,why you fed
Your hand not red,why are you feeling bad
Religion of your,circle cut it now,
Do't rut it now.
Wake up now sake up now
God made you same,you have also may Fame,
Do't feel sham,wake up and get up your Name.

Wake up now.

Pain ern you more than men..
Wake up you are Yes you are WOMEN
Sake thy mind,wake up and palce you find
Never think that you are in ring
The whole sky is your..stretch your wing.
Bring up with law,do't go with flaw,
By you the world is ;  sake your mind do't make it fridge.

Wake up Now.
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wow....what an amazing piece Amit

Loved it
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very nice lines...
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thanx priya mam.
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thank you sir...
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thank you Sheela ji

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