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She was a Mother
with ten hands!
She had weapons
 but was helpless....
She had a mount
who wasn't weak!
Yet She couldn't take a step
to battle her opponents.

For she stood in the midst
of all the males
led by
her dev-putras!
And on top of it, her husband
to proove in this society...
Male verdict dominates.

In all her forms,
She burnt in the fire
created by herself
blessed once to Agni.
She cursed as she went,
"I, the creator of this Universe,
of Gods, of all Thy Men------
O Lord! My God...accept this curse
that Man will always be nowhere
untill a girl stands along
To support his weak vertebrae.

(C) Subhajit Sanyal

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lovely...gud use of words
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Thank you Amit Soni ji....means a lot
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nicely written...
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Thank you so much Sheela ji, honored
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Thank you Priya ji

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