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Thought of texting you

And share entirety

Even and odd

Stored in self-shelf

To soothe its wounds and cuts

Asking your commitment

And its validity

Handful “ifs” and worried “buts”

Fueling my anxiety

Abbreviated connotations

Of “goodnight” and “take care”

Emoticons against

Clenched flare

Cheery “whats up”

was answered in snubbed “nothing”

Seems you wiped off

Tear dropped on the screen

Or rigid like a rock

deleted everything?

Perhaps, more comforted

By my absence

Or concealing that not-conveyed

wanted whiff of presence?

Cherished memories

And trialed trust

Solicited ambiguity

Your voice echoed

Lured by inseparability

“Silence” couldn’t be typed

On smartest of the devices

No font no color

Script of impatient eager

Curious how’s and whereabouts

Convincing nascent anger

to hold a positive vibe

Words face scarcity

to describe

Parallel to this I spend my day

Sulking in and smiling out

Checking the inbox

A hundred times

Yet there ain’t any “bye”

Unspoken volumes

Ended in a simplest “Hi”

I wonder all this happens

Between a sent message

And that awaited reply

© Juhi Gupte

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beautifully penned down...
Loved it!
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Thanks dear Priya...too lengthy though.. couldnt prune it more.. :)
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beautiful set of words..nice
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commented by
Thanks Amit Soni.. :)
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Bowing down Sheela Joby!!
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your composition is just so nice...:) :)
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Thanks a ton Ritika :)

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