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My trip to Hay Fest was good. Something different with a chilled atmosphere. I was into the exiled Syrian poet. I can only think of his experiences. His work was thought provoking and to the point. The al Jazeera man was inspiring and has seen world history unfold. Fiona Shaw was a nice looking talented lady with good acting ability. I liked the poem she read (Wasteland verse). I found Jeremy Vine a switched on man, he told a funny tale of the Prime Minister calling an old woman a bigot, a stupid act. Head in hands, on camera on the radio. Very funny. All these added to a good weekend. I liked the free hotel and free food, a nice belly buster. I found the late night/early mornings tiring. Also I'd liked to have done open mic to promote my poems to a new live audience. I'm not sure if open mic happened at other times at the month long event. A lot was done in the time we were there, it was worth it. Food prices were terrible though. I liked meeting new people there.
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nice write up

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