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Living on the edge driving into town as others evacuate,

into harm’s way to the edge,

Mother Nature kickin’ ass. Yours?

From Taiwan and a typhoon to Florida

to a hurricane, this is your rush,

your heart beat of life. See piers smashed,

roads washed away, houses disappear,

people die in a second. All men are equal

in this fury as energy is expended.

Watch from space, see circle of fluffy

white clouds, yet on the surface it’s mayhem

central. Storm chaser’s work is always dangerous

and never boring. Travel 30,000 miles in two weeks,

get some great photos and capture history.

Nearly washed away, under collapsed buildings,

horizontal rain and thunderous clouds.

Only drama here, never boring, storm chaser’s work.

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superb poem...
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based on some cool thrill seeking guys 20yr ago in usa

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Heatwaves, cold fronts, major storm-bringer
The modern natures pure dead-ringer
As long as mankind exploit the wild
Treat our planet worse then a stepchild
The lords heavy answer will linger
Show men as a complete minger
The new hunter is out in the wild
Major storm-bringer
The old actions might always linger
No chance to escape the dead-ringer
Once upon a time when nature smiled
Before mankind for a divorce filed
The life ruled without a dead-ringer,
Heatwaves, cold fronts, major storm-bringer!
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nicely replied...
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Thank you very much

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