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The moon i have known
far before it I knew the sun,
oh! I love the heat and the
by its prowess I am left undone.
The moonlight screams to reflect,
on the veiled face of mine,
i choose not to give in,
a worshipper of day and
To pick between the moon and
a faint beam sparkled many
dusks ago,
to do what most do not,
to live a little before I go.
Thee like the moon, oh fake
cast a spell with games
for death was the only escape,
for a wounded lover not to be
And thought when thou,
gone I was, where moonlight
spread itself,
thy soul shall not sleep a day,
buried deep down when I am in
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Nice one

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Well written....
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wonderful Satya....very well written piece
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Wonderful.. ... ..
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Beautiful piece.... :)
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thank you everyone for reading :)

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Oh I  cannot sleep tonight
I looked at the moon so bright.
Skies are full with silver light.
Oh so beautiful tonight.

oh dear, my honey, my love
come to me and touch my heart.
fill my heart with joy and love
love me, till death do as part,
as I love you all my life.
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Excellent ........
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superb reply Mari :-)
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Thank you dear Sheela
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Thank you Satyananda
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excellent reply Mari :)
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Thank you ma'am priya
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It's so good.........your reply.
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Nice one! Amazing! I loved it a lot !

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