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Shouldn’t we cry more?

Juha, the King’s close friend, was he,

Where the King was, Juha will be,

One day to court a man, he came,

A gift he gave this king of fame,

The gift with thanks the King received,

The man then left the court relieved.

The gift, it was a nice mirror,

In it he could see things clearer,

The King, now saw his ugly face,

He cried as if in great disgrace,

Juha then took pity on him,

And cried aloud, his face quite grim,

But when the King himself composed,

Opened his eyes which were but closed,

Juha kept on; he cried and cried,

As if his child, or love, had died,

The King at this was much confused;

For he was not hurt or abused,

And when Juha, he ceased crying,

Juha was praised for complying,

And then, the King inquired gently,

Why he had cried incessantly,

Even when he, the King, had stopped,

Why were, his tears, at once not cropped?

To this Juha calmly replied,

O King, your tears you could not hide,

When your ugliness once you saw!

We who hold you, O King, in awe,

We see your face each day and more

Should not we cry then times a crore?

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