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The street lights blaze through that intellectual face,
The heaving rush to hold up the legacy brought the end of the life's pace!
Still, he remembered long ago- He had got a hug from No one!

The dim lights of his oldest dreams brought him to present,
He prayed to god to make him meet- the one who's love was still omniscient!
He was sure that He had certainly got the hug from No one;

Then after two decades of surprise and insanity, they met
Then after two decades of horrer and  relativity- The both did another bet!
Even the man now knows, he was hugged by whom he got lost everything of his life-Still it's a hug from no one!

The gamble of life make us draw closer enough,
The insanity of turquoise  sundays hung over becoming rough!
Still, this valentine again! even he has nothing to cheer now- He still say He got a hug from No one..
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Nice wording, well expressed
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Well said ....I just love the tittle
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very well written Saurabh....awesome
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I m left speechless..

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makes my head hurt lol. lots said here. waiting 2 decades. hmm. not bad. on the poem...

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