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Celebrating Love!

It’s a dance of rainbow

When her bangles tilt and twirl

it’s a song of life

when she whispers sweet nothings

the moonlit banks of Bay of Bengal

provide us a perfect place

to unfold the mystery….

Turmeric arrayed Temple steps

in gorgeous Vizag affords us

the abode to realize love….

Love! It smothers me

When I breathe it in!

I cut through the feeling

Only to end up in floating

There my beloved!

Clad in shadow-coloured shyness

smells Love at the end of the passage!

She realizes without my translation

When I hit against time

it consoles me with medicine of Love

after all, I learn to endure the sweet pain

enveloped in a liquid dream

When I look beyond time

Love and time resonance like a couplet

of sweet verse, as sugary as life

Life and love as always, inseparable!

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Well written, keep going
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beautiful piece....good

Welcome to YoAlfaaz :)
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Nice and welcome to yoalfaaz
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Thanks friend.
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Oh you made my day. Thanx for your attention.
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Thanks dear friend

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