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Since the day you told me to stay away from you,
Because of something I don't know.
Maybe you found someone new.
You also took away my only reason to live.
My only reason to breath.
My only reason to step forward.
My only reason to wake up everyday.
I don't know your reason why you say those
While I knew that you have feel something for
me too.
I believe it,
My heart believe it.
But if there was a one percent possibility that
you don't love me,
It's probably slowly killing me.
But that wouldn't change what I felt for you.
I wasn't expecting anything aside from loving me back.
Because I knew,
I found a gold mine in you.
And your love was my very expensive treasure
that I ever wanted to have.
Before I met you,
I had no plan to love someone,
I'm scared to love someone I can't own forever, I told to myself.
But when you came,
I feel something extraordinary happened.
My life it wasn't the same again.
I had turned into something I never felt before.
and it feels so wonderful to wake up in the
You're the first one I see when I open my eyes.
I love you honey,
Yes, I really do.
And I will love you for the rest of my life.
It doesn't matter whether you love me or not.

Mari Felices
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Thank you sir Hardeep Sabharwal
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gorgeous work... may it be reciprocated, the emotions...
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thanks for your kind comment
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so lovely and nice composition
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Thank you Ritika

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I m for you.,and you for mine..
your eyes intoxicate more than wine..
do't think that I without fine..
but my dear I m dark..and far from you becouse you shine
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nice :)
keep going
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Thanks for your  short but sweet reply Amit Soni

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