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This is what I propose

My love, no dose

no force at all

par excellence of all

is you, my dearest.

What you choose is best

What you pick is final

What you show will guide all.

This is what I propose

 My Love, You are source

of all that is good

pure, sincere food

for quenching me,

my thirsty me.

No! Not lust I say---

Your command is to obey.

That is what I propose

to cherish resource

You are inexhaustible

not just a feeble,

a mere light to hope

that would elope

with passage of time;

no dream of mine.

That is what I propose

Your love is immune dose

to vaccinate illness

to heal sadness.

You are no ‘Fling’

to fly off but cling

to my dubbing heart

never to be hurt.

This is what I propose

I love you, no prose

no tale to make,

just you and me to bake

new, a story real

away from faking real.

I owe you all, My Dear.

Trust this Beast, no fear.

COPYRIGHT Subhajit Sanyal

 written on 8 Feb 2016, afternoon

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such a lovely piece....amazing
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Thank you so much :)
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Thanks a lot :)
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Simple and nice..........
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Thank you :)

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