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There was a time I ask myself,
Why I love you the way I can't get you out in my mind.
There was a time I hold my heart,
So that I won't hurt again and again.
There was a time I want to ignore you,
So that my love for you will never grow.
There was a time I cried silently in my room,
Because I miss you so much my love.  
I love you so much my love,
I'm scared that in my absence,
You can find someone new.
And I will die if you do.
I'm only holding your promise,
that you will love me forever
until my last breath....

Mari Felices
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Aww....what a beautiful love....
God bless Mari....Love your poems :)
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Thank you pretty ma'am priya...
It was one of my crazy thought.
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your thoughts are simply driving me crazy :D :P

Haha....Keep it going :)
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thanks again
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Thank you sheela
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LOVE......well expressed Mari......
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Thank you Jacqueline

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