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Be Gentle With My Heart...

I have asked the universe
To be kind and send me love
To bring to me a person
Filled with gentle qualities
And she answered... kindly
With blessings from above...
I have asked for someone
That is mentally stable,
And be physical real strong,
he must be taller than me,
so I will know the power
Of his protection over me.
He must be intelligent,
so we can talk on anything
Exsisting in the universe.
He must be kind and empathic,
so I may know his love always.
He must be a warrior,
so I may always shielded
by justice, truth and honour,
Respect, integrity and loyalty.
For, such a man mirrors
The essence of all I am.
He will be my mate, my friend,
my companion, my lover.
And to him I will submit,
as I will love him for all he is.
Soul essence of my soul,
heart beat of my heart,
The life breath of my breath.
And the universe brought me you.
I knew you were strong, and direct,
and protective, and kind.
And the most awesome warrior,
so fierce, yet just, of purest mind.
I adore you. And I know this love
It is stronger than the claws of death.
Death isn't anything to fear,
It is just another journey for us,
my love, another adventure...
And I do not fear death.
I fear a future life without you
For that will be worse than death!
I ripped my chest and give you
The very breath of all of life, so...
Be gentle with my heart, my love,
For it bears so many scars of pain,
Walk beside me into forevermore,
With love, always pure, our guide,
Hold my heart as I hold yours,
Into Infinity, forever... and a day.

Copyright Reserved - All Rights Reserved by AngelWitch Mystique
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fabulous piece
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