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Words can never describe how beautiful u have been
Beauty within and not just that can b seen
Like angel u descended in my life
Calling u mine is a matter of pride
U r Embedded in my prayers now
I wish for your smile on every bow
Extremely special u have been all these years
Losing u is one of my biggest fears
With u I feel isolated from worldly worries
The feeling is Heavenly like being in fairy stories
In every trouble, I think of u
U calm me down when i stew
Your pacifying presence soothes the hustle around
N brings a smile to me when i frown
What shall i do to make this day memorable
Something out of d world to sound it like a fable
Deep within is an uncommunicated yearning to see u euphoric
I wish there’s buffet of choicest wishes for u to pick
I hope this day brings u a fortune
N for u life plays your favorite tune..


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fabulously well-written piece....
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superb poem, loved it...
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Thank you ....
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Ovations, clapsssssssssssss
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Thank you verrry much. ....
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@casuallywriting please stop sharing those links every where (link sharing is not allowed in YoAlfaaz), you can share those links in About section of your profile but not anywhere else. The more you share those links, the more you get towards banning your account.
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This just an ourstanding post for which I am falling short of words of praise!
Simply GREAT! :)

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