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I have an inclination that I'm coasting,
on an interminable cloud.
My heart has picked you,
on this otherworldly day of love,
A Holiday of Romance.

Love and romance in its dynamic state,
 lighted and enlivened.
My love for you conveys to me a delight I never knew.
I longed for love such as this, but then,
I never suspected that I would catch,
The  profound energizing rushes we have,
We have acknowledged it.

Perceive and esteem its motivation.
Love that never moves, romance is so deep,
Chance to touch off our current relationship
with love and romance,
and an additional measurement of sentiment,
In a more grounded, longer enduring,
Significantly additionally fulfilling relation.
My Valentine, I simply love you
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Loving it :-)
A valentine special!
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Thank you Poojan
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Aww... Sheela finally a love poem from you side :D

Loved it....
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superb poem, loved it...
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Beautiful poem ☺
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Thanks,  Priya, to be frank,  I usually do not write any romantic poems,  I feel I am very bad in writing love poems. Glad to know that you liked it.
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Thank you dear Gurjyot.
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Thanks dear Mamta
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words of love

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