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She is the one,
Who I can trust.
Her love for me,
Is more than the gold dust.

She is the one,
Who stood all the time.
In the situations,
When I didn’t even have a dime.

She is the one,
Who made things look easier.
She held my hand,
When the weather turned breezier.

She is the one,
Who kept me in her heart.
Whenever I went away,
She tore the world apart.

She is the one,
Who loves me like anything.
She will love me,
Even if she has to leave everything.

She is the one,
Bringing joy to my life.
I wonder, how does she fight for me,
From each and every strife?

She is the one,
Who can give it all.
I know, she is there for me,
Whenever I fall.

I might do,
What all she has done.
But her perseverance in love,
I can never return.

Perseverance In Love
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mesmerizingly well written
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wonderful poem, loved it...
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Thanks guys.

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