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Thum hothi tho kya hotha,

Thum hothi tho kya hotha.

Mai diwana hotha, parwana hotha,

Ishq mai hotha, mohobhat kartha. 

Bhichadne ke badh, pahali dhafa jab

neendh kulhi. Thab lagha accha huva. 

Nai tho kamakah mai bhavla, lafangha hotha. 

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Ishq m sab bawle hi ho jate hai...hahaha....
very nice :)
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Hahaha ture I guess.!
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Well said ,
Haanji Priya , aapne sahi kaha , you know it well he he he

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tum hoti to sayad me duniya ki shajise jaan jata
tum hoti to me chand ki chndani chura lata
tum hoti to me aasma se boonde barsa deta
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:-) I like it.
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ohh thank u so muchh ^_^ ^_^

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