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She called me,
I couldn’t pick.
She invited me,
But I had to miss.

She waited for me,
I couldn’t reach.
The boundaries of time,
I couldn’t breach.

She texted me,
I couldn’t text back.
I overlooked,
Her message instead.

She came home,
When  I was out.
She wanted to,
But she didn’t shout.

She loved me,
But I couldn’t.
I might forget her,
But she wouldn’t.

Her love for me,
Has no frontiers.
She wants to break,
All the barriers.

She wants to rejoice,
In the arms of mine.
But my inconsistency prevents her,
From the love divine.

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Well written.....
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I just loved this piece :)
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beautiful poem, very nice...
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Thanks a lot guys for your appreciation.

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