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I was trying to cry

As life was on a weary tread

Yet no tears

But a heavy heart

I ended up my try

With no eyes open at night

The vision of my eyes were gone

Tears are yet to dawn

Even in the dawn

Joy is still at the lawn

I gave up my try to cry

Then began smiling pseudo

While tears and life played ludo

My heart shrunk dense

Truth! – I’m happy false

All my hope falls

A sudden hit at the back

It brought light on my dark

Tears shredded

And now I rejoice

For I cried from my heart-

Tears flooded with joys.

They were out real

Hence, it felt ethereal.

My weary heart-

Greeted my teary eyes

For my vision is unveiled

To say- true tears make life real

While false pleasures make life trivial

A sudden hit was life’s trial

None goes in vain

For they show you

What life owes you

And thus, I cry.

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very well written piece....touching one
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Beautiful poem, very nice...
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Well written, keep going...
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Your appreciations mean a lot to me. Thanks friends!!!!!

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