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In this world there are two kinds of people: those who hurt people and those who want to stop those hurting people. Of the first group there are street fighters, thugs, criminals and evil people. Against that group there are the Martial Arts people like Sensei Pete of Miyabi - Ryu Oldham. They help lesser souls defend themselves with basic training Karate, Kung Fu and Thai Boxing to name a few. Serious people go all the way becoming black belts and doing competition bouts. Mere ham fisted mortals like me just want to learn very basic self defence skills. One day it may save my life in any run in with local thugs or muggers. Sensei Pete’s website ( explains excellently:

What We Do...

At Miyabi - Ryu Oldham we teach Karate Jitsu, self-defence and weapon training. We believe in providing an appropriate environment for every student within the club, through high quality teaching and an atmosphere built encircling the family, opportunity and equality.

At Miyabi - Ryu we aim to provide the correct atmosphere and environment, nurturing and providing value to students as well as constantly improving our own teaching and technical skills. It is the duty of the club to promote Martial Arts as a science that allows individuals to develop.

Whether you have trained in Martial Arts before or its your first time as a novice all our classes are planned with you in mind. Our classes will improve your fitness, self – esteem, confidence and will help your team building skills.

If you’re serious about Martial Arts please contact us, we would love to hear from you.

A bit about Sensei Pete who knows his stuff. Again off his website:

Sensei Pete Ratcliff Chief Instructor at Miyabi - Ryu Oldham. 

Sensei Pete Ratcliff is the chief instructor at Miyabi - Ryu (Oldham) club. 

He started to take an interest in martial arts over 30 years ago in 1979. He went on to train in Shotokan Karate in 1984 under Sensei Fred Jones. Sensei Pete has trained with some great names in Martial Arts such as Andy Sherry, Charles Gidley, Jimmy Edwards and Frank Brennan.

Sensei Pete joined the British National Team in 1986 and trained with them until 1990 successfully entering both Kata and Kumita competitions.

Sensei Pete has explored other styles of Martial Arts such as Shukokai Karate, Thai-Boxing and Kung-Fu. Sensei Pete is currently studying Ju-jitsu under Sensei Andy Wilshaw. Sensei Pete has also trained with Grand Masters such as Jack Hogan, Joe Hess, Bill Thurston and other Masters such as Frankco Sanguinetti, Joao Fernandes, Toni Kauhanen and Sensei Dave Macintyre. Sensei Pete is presently interested in Kyusho pressure points and Samurai sword techniques. In the past Sensei Pete has also attended seminars including a referees' course.

In 2005 Sensei Pete was asked to train actress Helen Kay for her part in a scene involving Karate in the play 'One for the Road' at the Oldham Coliseum.

Sensei Pete is fully insured and has had an enhanced CRB check, he also holds an up-to-date first aid certificate.


Shoki: The Story of Sensei Pete Ratcliff

By Nick Armbrister

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