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Artist Lady In Green

My mate gave me a lift to town after doing our course. I mentioned you and how I like you. He dropped me off in town and I walked down the road, what a nice lady I saw in a green dress who took my breath away. As we got closer I saw it was you! I was so taken aback, I’d just told my friend of you!

For as long as I live I’ll remember you in that green dress with your pretty green eyeliner, a real lady. You told me of your art, I ask to see some and give you my number not expecting you to call. But you don’t play by the rules of life, you call me lifting my spirits – she called me!

We go for a drink when I see you, no dress but nice dark jeans and a top. A few hairs loose the rest tied back. I do like you. We talk like 15 years wasn’t there; I wanted to date you when you were 21, not 36. Now you’re a real woman and I say I love you, I want you by my side. Heavy weight of the years falls away in seconds.

We hold hands and kiss, so nice. I say I’ll always remember you in green, a top and skirt you say. I want to see the fairy picture you drew it could be a nice tattoo design if you let me use it, I’ll give you one of my books. I know you’re ill with your problems but to me you’re harmless, you’re a real lady who caught my attention. 

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very nice...
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beautiful prose piece....
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thanx for your nice words :)

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