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Questions and Answers with Sensei Pete being interviewed by Nick Armbrister in Sensei Pete’s Dojo in Holy Trinity Church, Godson Street, Oldham. Any other interview locations are stated in future interviews.

Interview 17/01/2013

Nick: Why did you start Martial Arts and at what age?

Sensei Pete: I first started getting interested in Martial Arts in 1979 watching TV programmes such as Bruce Lee, Monkey Magic and I progressed from there.

Nick: What age were you then about?

Sensei Pete: I would say I was about five years old.

Nick: Why didn’t you stop?

Sensei Pete: Because I enjoyed it and I thrived from it and by the time I got to become an instructor I wanted to pass on these skills I had.

Nick: At what age did you become an instructor?

Sensei Pete: Fourteen.

Nick: What belt or grade were you then?

Sensei Pete: First Dan.

Nick: Black belt?

Sensei Pete: Yes.           

Nick: What benefits did you gain as a person skills wise and other than the obvious Martial Arts?

Sensei Pete: Self Confidence, fitness, strength.

Nick: What did other people say about this like friends and family members?

Sensei Pete: They just encouraged me and wished me good luck.

Nick: What did people say like you know the school bully? They thought like oh yeah, what did they say?

Sensei Pete: They wanted to challenge me.

Nick: And did they do? Did they challenge you?

Sensei Pete: Yes.

Nick: And the result would be that you would show your skills.

Sensei Pete: Yes, yes.

Interview 24/01/2013. Sensei Derek Fullen also contributed.

Nick: Where did Karate originate from?

Sensei Pete: Japan.

Nick: When did it come to the UK and the West?

Sensei Pete: Well to be quite honest with you I couldn’t give you the dates.

Nick: About a century ago? 

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very nice... liked it...
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nice interview Nick! ;)
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ive the skills to back it up. got free training here. an old skool frend :)

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