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When it is all over, will you remember every detail?

Every move, every action?

Will your head be in pieces and your mind

full of guilt at your deceitful actions?

The clock of time can’t be reversed –

what has been is all, is now and only loss and pain

fill the sky and heavens.

For now everyone is guilty, we’re all losers in this black

hell-forsaken world. I don’t care for others’ loss,

mine fills me completely, irrevocably, without hope.

Dreams escape me, nightmares remain. No love, only loss.

Where I look for an angel, I see a skeleton. My life…

Even if I had it all, my inner demons threaten to destroy it all.

How can I live like this?

When all hope is lost, all love is gone, pain remains.

No one is prepared to save me,

my innocence is gone and peace is lost.

Please save me…

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