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Make love to me

Till I cry in ecstasy

Nonstop like a small child

I scream in the orgasmic odyssey

Make love to me

Till I mourn of the fantasy

Like an illusionist

Make me see the fallacy

Make love to me

Send me to clouds nine, to the heavens-havens  

To the suns, where it is always summer

To the stars that never set, to the lord of the galaxies

To the moons where her glimmers never dim

Make love to me-till we scare the neighbours

We cause the earth a seismic shock

Let’s feel it tilt and toss us in its wild revolutions

If we wake up in hell all is well there too we can dwell

We will have deserved its cruelty and its dirty duel

Roughly let’s shake-the kitchen’s sinks

The tables, the tabs, the sofas, the sets, the settees-

Everything, the wares and its cutleries of ceramic utensils

Let them feel our vibrating tremors

Let the tiles of the floors move heavily

With the earth quakes of our hostility

Make love to me-till the neighbours curiously peep

Through the grills of our curtains rails

Till they dial 999 or 911 for detectives aids

For my orgasming screams sounds

More like final strangulations of breaths

Make love to me

Undress the buttons of my blouse

Go for my bound breasts

Take the pairs and its pants;

The dress and its chemises

Peel me naked-ma a goddess of love

Till I look like a naked banana

Without its yellow skin, sweet to be eaten raw

Peel me till you see me shake in the winds

Of excitement and anxiety  

Take everything out, leave nothing in hold

Till you see what Adam feared God will see

After feeding on the forbidden fruit of Eden

Make love to me; punish the evil Eve in me

For letting you swallow the prohibited fruit

The fruit from the tree of God, the tree of life and knowledge

Touch the nipples of my tight tits, stroke their tough tips

Till they scream with aroused urges and desires

Make love to me, penetrate me

Let me feel the length and strength

Of you spear severity-the biology of copulation

Tear the tendons of my trembling and troubling hymens

The Labia Majora all through to

The Labia Minora nervous nerves

Let me feel them relax with you locked inside me

As I mourn and bleed with climaxes of endings, ejaculations

Make me treasure no others pleasures

Make love to me-till when we regain our senses

We are awkwardly coiled inside the chests of our wardrobe

Make love to me-till my loin’s pains and turns to pink

Till I sweat dry and dehydrated

Don't fear to touch me, I have submitted to you

Prey on my fresh flesh, the way you want

Be the carnival, I arm your battled hunt catch

Show me the might of your sable canines

Let me feel the sharpness of your shaft

Slice the tender tendons of my flesh

As I draws the last of my saved breath

Make love to me, Till I search for oxygen

Let me remember and admire the night

And its naughty moments-with a yearning want

Of again and again and again

Long until our very last earthly moments

Go deep, dive deep; dig deep-hard, harder, hardest…..

The treasure is near-a metre away, don’t fear,

Tire not we are almost there,

Steer the drill, clear the stumbling block of rock

And grab the gold, get the gorgeous gem

Touch the Midas-the diamonds glamour

Don't be afraid to explore beyond the odd

Take the Titanic, cruise the Atlantic

Captain, travel the Pacific, see the Antic

If you don’t go, my heart will away go

Beyond the Indian Ocean

To the nights with the whispers

Own me, these are your things

Don’t restrain your freedom,

Be at liberty to display your manhood’s uppity

Just make love to me today

Like the very last act left on this day

Like there will be no another day

And we are parted forever here today

Feel me, the sleekness of my tongue

The toughness of my purpled lips

The sticky saliva’s of my wetting wells

Draw my strength into your breath

Make me feel a prisoner at least for today

Your pleading slave, your on knees vagabond

Make love to me till I surrender!

© Kìùra Kabiri. All rights reserved. 

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wow....I just loved this super amazing well-written piece....its depth and intensity makes it a fantabulous piece :D
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An awesome poem, just loved it and the way you describe everything in your poems is impressive...
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Wow ! very glad to see you back
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Ha ha ha Sheela Joby thanks so much.
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Gurjyot Singh thanks, may be  I am too emotional.
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Priya Batra thanks dear.

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