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Reflections in wax indistinct and pliable images

of you fading now to a mass,

long path before me, long path behind me.

One was the way to you, now it’s the way from you.

Yet you’re there, always a presence of what we had

for those three weeks, what we could have been, should have been.

Your silence was your biggest crime, my silliness mine.

Never to be reversed, our lost opportunity that torments

me with questions. I know you were my fairy tale

that fell between my fingers, then and forever.

You are me, I am you.

Now that I have another I won’t abandon you

like you abandoned me.

She knows of you, that I carry your memory,

can overcome but never forget.

I will be all right.

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well-crafted piece :)
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thanx for reading :)

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