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Lost Souls

The crime is with the leaders, you caused the death of thousands,

destroyed two cities. Cursed your generation so it became the guinea pig,

the atomic generation. You all glow in the dark, legacy lasting to my life.

Now more have the bomb, ten thousand times bigger than the Hiroshima firecracker,

that destroyed your city. Old people walk happily down the street,

look them in the eye, they don’t blink. See into their soul and witness what they saw. Beside them young people holding hands and enjoying each other’s conversation,

no cares in the world. New generation, innocent? Children holding their parents’ hands

and looking happy. Will they ever experience those awful scenes and events from sixty

years ago? What do they think of their relatives who lost their lives,

do they think to themselves, what was all that? Did it really happen?

Time moves on but one question hangs in the air, breathlessly, still poignant:

Will it happen again? Who, what will start the madness, how many will die

in the next mushroom cloud? You, me, my family, our world?
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I just love the prose pieces you write.... :)
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thanx. this is an apocalyptic piece from the 90s.
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superb poem... loved it...
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great glad you did :)

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