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Brothers and Sisters of India,

You all are looted. Do you know how much money as a tax we guys have to pay to goverment.
whenever we bought clothes, shoes and even for eating in restaurant with our loved once we have to pay a large amount of our hard-earned money to the Government.
So, that they can function well and develop our country.
With the same money I can buy some medicines for my father who is living on a metal heart. with same money I can put a smile on my family's face by gifting them what they need from long.
But, that part is taken away from me, my family and from my brothers and sisters of India and WASTED,
Do you know, how much money needed to run a parliament for an Hour? Its "1 crore 50 lakhs." 2.5 lakhs for a minute and you know whose money it is, the same money by which you are unable to buy that gift for your child this month.
Because of which that loan department is threatening you again.
Yes, money is not everything but it is our duty to give a better future to our nation, to our further generation.
Major Bills Like GST and others are not even put forward for a valuable discussion.
You know if bills not get passed whose loss it is? it is ours. No political party have any right to stop development of my nation - "OUR INDIA".
Our late President Dr. Kalam"s last wish to find out the ways by which parliament can function well. He distribute the papers to the students of the Indian Institute of Management in the Meghalaya capital to give suggestion regarding function of parliament.
Even he discuss this with the person who was with Kalam and tell him that he deeply hurt by this kind of behaviour in parliament.
Can"t we full fill his last wish?

Guys, if we not speak up this time. Things will further exploited and we couldn't be see a DEVELOPED INDIA.
You Know What Developed India means- clean roads, valuable transport to your villages, hike in salaries, more option of Job , better medical facilities, and security for the women and children.
Yes, it is possible. If other countries can do it, why not we? Is we not capable enough? We are proud Indians. isn't we ?
Let's prove it then.
IT's OUR RESPONSIBILITY. Otherwise I promise you no one else will regret except us.

ER. Anshul Gupta
(Citizen Of India)
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very nice, I would say this is a must read post by Indians...
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wow....super amazing....loved it!
A must read piece....very well written!

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