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I'm Me

I was walking thru Oldham Shithole town centre when a street seller said to me,                            

'Hi Sir...'

That's as far as he got.

I replied, Don't call me Sir.

Why? he asked.

I don't like it. Call me, Mate. Not Sir. I explained I'm not upper middle class like the ruling 2% nobs running our country and ******* it all up.

Now take it from me, I really don't like being called Sir. I take offence. Like if you called me a twat or bastard. So the street seller was told in no uncertain terms.

The silly man was selling something useless, doing a mug's job. I wasn't interested in what he was selling or buying it off him. They're only after my cash. He can **** off, the muppet. I'm no mug and not signing up for Energy Electric or direct debits to put me in debt from corrupt money grabbing bastards.

**** them and the street sellers who call me Sir.

I'm me.

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