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Sky Fight

What makes the game even more interesting is that you can never win.

Or if you know you’ll lose from the start and you still enter the game, to lose.

As a student of air warfare, never ever fight the enemy on their rules.

But what happens if you do?

There’s a gothic saying...

‘Doing the wrong thing for the right reasons...’

Goth or no Goth, those words are the real deal.

Your comment reminds me of a crazy

but fascinating dog fight of an English Electric Lighting jet fighter

and a late Mark Griffon engine Spitfire, maybe Mk24.

Was in the late 50s.

Spit could never win even tho it could do 450mph level flight and dive past 600mph. Lightning was 1500mph jet.

The Spit could out turn the jet.

Jet could climb from below, hit from above, high speed slash attack.

You get the idea.

Yet they did this fight.

Shame both weren’t armed...

The Lightning pilot had a bang seat,

the Spit pilot a chute... 



By Nick Armbrister

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Wow piece.... Keep going
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this is true. the mock dogfight happened due to conflict with indonesia over malaysian independence. indonesia still used some p51 mustangs. they needed to know if a prop plane was a threat to a jet fighter.
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nice poem...

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