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Watching the helicopter passing by,
Hoping I could wave my hand and ask the pilot,
to stop and give me a ride,
to bring me to wherever you are...

If I could ask the bird
flying from up above,
to bring me to wherever you are,
Maybe I already did.
Just to be with you on Christmas day.

Looking at the ocean beauty
and the highest building,
Sitting on the sand alone and lonely.
And let the wave touches my hand.
Wishing it was you holding me so tight.

The cool wind blows soothed through my vein.
Kissing and playing my long black hair.
Wishing it was you my darling,
feeling your sweet tender care.

Looking at the moon that shine above,
How I wish you were here to light up my life.
Longing to be with you,
Missing you so much.

Oh dear... My honey...
Loving you from far away,
bring me only tears and heartache.

Loving you from far away,
just troubled my heart
and bring me into sadness.

Loving you from far away,
That's only I could do.
And I can't sleep dreaming of you.

A fantasy that's all I could ever be for you.

Mari Felices
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loved the imagery and intensity....its captivating!
Wonderful Mari :)
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Thank you dear Sheela and pretty priya for always had a good comment.
Its encouraged me to write some more poem.
thank you so much
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beautiful and full of timeless longing...
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thank you  Nick Goth for appreciation
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i recognize good poems with intent :)
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very well written...
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I have read most poems by you ( I am lucky thus). However, this piece is unique. The images play in the mind one after another as prologue of some movie. :-)
I must say " NWFT ( No Words For This) ;-)
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Thank you gurjyot
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Thank you so much Satyananda for your nice comment.
I am honoured...

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