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The day I died

I watched my body closely

While drifting above

When everybody cried..

I saw them covered my body

A social identity

That hid many secrets

Got me ready for last journey..

I saw me lying soulless

Laughed at my follies and mistakes

Even after a soulless life

Should I lament for a carcass?

All I did was to chase a mirage

With anger, jealousy, lust, deception

Never cared for anything else

Killed emotions for applause

The day I died

I saw the life I lived

Like a film infront of me

Whizzed past like a sigh

The day I died

I floated again free

Shunning the vices

Where my soul was trapped

The day I died

I became alive

I realized that only now

A soulful life started…

© Sukanta……2015

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A Poem that makes us think of oruselves.  Great going...
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an exquisite piece...well-written one Sukanta Sir :)
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Thank you very much

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