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Life is a bed of thorns and for each and every accomplishment we need to take incredible pain behind each joy. There is a background marked by pains which have prompted this joy. Shelley has said " said " our sweetest tunes are those that tell the saddest contemplations". It has additionally been said that virtuoso is the extraordinary ability to take torments. So agonies are an unquestionable requirement for a fruitful living. But, to experience pains and sufferings smilingly is not a joke. Humor is the nature that empowers extraordinary men to undergo pains with a smiling face and walk making progress toward achievement. This quality is a characteristic blessing. It has hence been rightly said that humor is the sense to take pains humoursly.

if we have the nature of taking agonies humoursly then the pinch of pain is not genuinely felt and we could walk to our objective effortlessly. Therefore honored are the souls who are talented with this nature of humor.

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