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You stand in front of me,
trying to look at my eyes.
There was a mix of emotion of your eyes,
That made my heart beat so fast,
I might have an attack any moment.

When your lips slowly curved to a gentle smile.
My heart seemed to lose control over its own beat
With a flustered face and a racing heart beat,
I gave you a warm and shyly smile.
You hold my hand and gave me a hug,
A touch on my back made me feel a strange sensation that sent me into panic.
When you are about to kiss me
To come and behold my lips
I started to tremble
Feeling I'm going to fall.

If there is a place higher than the clouds,
Maybe your kiss brought me in there.
If there is a place as beautiful than the garden,
Maybe your kiss brought me in there.
If there is a place as peaceful than the paradise,
Maybe your kiss brought me in there.

Oh my love, your kiss was achingly sweet,
And I never wanted to stop it,
Your kiss can take away my worries,
And I want you to kiss me more and more

Everything will be as perfect,
If the one you've shared the kiss,
With the one who owned your heart.
Oh my love, my honey,
I thought it was really true,
That I was kissed by you.
But when I open my eyes,
A butterfly just flew.
That was really weird,
I'm dreaming again about you.

Mari Felices
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Thank you dear Sheela
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its awesome....loved it!
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wonderful poem...
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Thank you pretty ma'am priya
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Thank you so much Gurjyot Singh

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