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No place for


“Spent force”

“Real cowards”

“Service for only money”

This question is asked by country


The nation gave you so much

An opportunity to reach

Highest peak in carrier

To make you happier


You are no ordinary civilians

Now you are working as villain

Surrendering bravery medals that were in recognition

For selfless service and dedication


Not all Governments could address

These new leadership did amidst stiff resistance

You are falling for cheap propaganda

Whereas you have nothing new on agenda


Don’t act as street men

Like ruffians and criminals

The country has rewarded you enough with honor

Don’t fall victim to technical error


If politicians want to raise bogey then let them

If academicians and historians want to return

Followed by film industry who has given rise to black money

We need not follow and create situation clumsy


Let good counsel prevail

It is best thing to avail

Strengthen hands for peace

Live and let others live at peace
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deep message....

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