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Moments of celebrations..
Of togetherness with the ones so dear and close..
With those that are knowns and part of our lives..
Of blessings and share..
Happiness and smiles all around..
Cheerfulness and tinkling horns all around..
Children running here and there..
Sweets and chocolates..
Sugar free, salt and spicy..
Fireworks, lighters and endless chirps..
Gaudy and beautiful dresses..
Twinkling on earth, shining in the sky..
Millions of moons, billions in stars..
Sprightly candles and diyas..
Celebrations and fun unlimited..
In homes..
And in the streets too..
This world is my home..
Everyone's my family..
Each second has million moments of joy..
Beauty and love..
Happiness is thy fragrance..
A festival of lights and fun and prosperity..
Blessed souls and lets celebrate to the full and beyond..
Happy Diwali to you and all in the family and even beyond..
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Thanks for a lovely post, wish u a very happy diwali
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Its really a very sweet one,  just as your nature . You have picturised it so well. CLAPSSSSSSSSSSSSS
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Lovely...very well written

Happy Diwali :)
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Very nice @imuprince... Loved it...
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Thanks everyone.. Hope u all had a fantastic Diwali

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