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There is no gainsaying the fact that the man who has got knowledge has a definite advantage over those who are ignorant and illiterate. The knowledge of man has made impossible things possible. Not only that he can fly, like birds in an aeroplane, run like the horses, but also has full power over those animals which are superior to him in many ways. He has no weapons of defence like the tiger’s sharp fangs and claws; he is definitely much weaker than a lion and bear in physical strength. But he conquers and tames them.

How? By superior intelligence and knowledge. The various scientific inventions of the world are the result of the knowledge which man had been trying to gain since the times immemorial. The civilized nations had ruled, dominated and enslaved the illiterate, ignorant people for hundreds and hundreds of years. The various nations of the world are trying their level best to achieve liberation. Why  is it so? Because the people are not so ignorant now. They have the knowledge that slavery is the worst thing in the world.

The Brahmins were the real rulers of all the Indian states because they have the knowledge and were recognized as superior to all other castes. The more knowledge you gain, the more powerful you become.

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Wonderful , very wel, written. CLAPSSSSSSSSSSSSS
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Thank You my dear Sheela :D
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awesome one Priya! Good

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Knowledge plays  an essential part in all circles of human life and action. It is an intense component which keeps an eye on to achieve achievement, power and position in life.  Even though it is considered  that physical strength and money are the tools of power. A man who is physically strong has a control over others.

Knowledge is the attention to a reality or a circumstance. It is a rich and an extraordinary ownership that can't be stolen or looted. Knowledge doesn't diminish when it is given. Indeed, Knowledge is force. Our insight is the amassed thought and experience of innumerable people

Knowledge gave man the sentiment quality and power. Knowledge creates human resources. It prompts the fabulousness of the mind. It empowers one to give sound judgment. Knowledge and education are needed for democracy.

 Advancement  of human progress and culture would be unimaginable without Knowledge. It plays an imperative part in the advancement of craftsmanship, writing, science, logic and religion. So Knowledge is power. It has driven man for advancement. Relentless personalities with power of Knowledge can control the brains of millions.

Knowledge must be procured and shared as an aggregate effort. Absence of Knowledge prompts destitution and nonattendance of financial flourishing. Knowledge ought to be used for the upliftment of the poor masses. It ought to be utilized for peace, prosperity and development

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apt reply by an apt writer Sheela :D :D
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Apt comment by a great writer Priya . Thanks dear

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