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My heart throbs are fast and loud,
blanket around me seems like shroud,
still I wait for strength to stand,
though far I hear a mourning band.

Numb and dumb; I closed my eyes,
then, I dreamt something smooth and nice,
colourful clouds and wavy road,
honey like smooth, in structure; broad.

I walked and walked on that way of bliss,
suddenly! I felt someone's holy kiss,
it was none, but a butterfly,
who came for it's nectar nearby.

An angel, then I saw from front,
gracious in looks, still, not at all blunt,
in a second or two; raced upto me,
blessed me thrice and set me free.

Back in conscious, I opened my eyes,
I felt someone's hand, making me rise,
like an angel; she looked, smooth as butterfly,
holding me tight, raising me high.

Awestruck by her help; with tears I asked why?
she wiped it off and said: I'll never let you die,
from then, I felt her in my every breath,
my cause to live; my reason to fight death.

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impressive and amazing one :)
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Thanks much priya for the compliment.
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very good @ Elwin. I'm impressed by your work and thanks for creating such a competition by such posts.
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Thanks Ravi:-) it feels good to get such compliment.
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Yet another stupendously fantastic poem !!  Applause.. :-)
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Feels good to read it :) Lovely :)
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Thank you so much.
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Good rhyming work done. Wonderful.
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Good writing :)
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Thank you Ashutosh and sheela

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