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It is a very common and old saying that ‘birds of the same feather flock together’.  It means that those persons who have similar tastes, manners and habits would often sit together. A bad man will like to keep company with a bad man while a good man will like the company of good men. Wise men even do avoid fools and fools do not like the wise men’s company. Sinners and rogues would not be at ease with the saints,  and the saints will not like to be amidst sinners.

We, can, therefore, judge a man’s character by the sort of people he likes to meet. ‘Lambs don’t make friends with wolves nor doves with hawks.’ But at the same time it is not always safe to judge a man by this standard. A good man may be found in the company of a bad man though out of sheer understanding and mistake.

For instance, Jesus Christ, the founder of Christianity often liked the company of the sinners. So much so that his enemies called him ‘a gluttonous man and Wine-bibber, the friend of publicans and sinners.’ But he was a saint out and out. He mixed with the bad people only to reform them. Therefore, it is always essential that before we should pass our judgement we must know why a person seek such companions.
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Well written...
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Thank You Sheela :)
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Very nicely written.. Nice choice of topic too.. U have explored both parts of the company one prefers to be in..
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Thank you so much Prince :D
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really nice one Priya!

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A man with good company will have awesome character and contemplations. Even an unpleasant character will be respected if he stays in good company. It is  extremely troublesome in light of the fact that a bad man is inclined to be friends with another bad man. So when we shape our character, we must do it with the objective of staying with good people.

we retain and depend on those who are around us. Infact some  regular things are hard to change, we can purposely change our surroundings, we can intentionally pick another, and we can deliberately pick under whose impact to be: a hopeful person, an active person or a lazy individual. 

It is imperative to comprehend that we don't need to be detainees of a circumstance. We don't need to acknowledge the guidelines of the amusement, which we don't care for and that we generally have a decision.

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"We don't need to be detainees of a circumstance".. I am sure somebody's gonna sue me for plagiarism very soon
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Prince no1 will sue you for plagiarism for/in comments......but, yes, YoAlfaaz will sue you for not posting :P :P hahaha

Sheela very nice reply.....
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Thanks imuprince and Priya

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